Grant Application

Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2017

Mailing Address:
SMEF Allocation
PO Box 1332
San Marcos, CA 92079-1332

Application Requirements

  • Principla's signature
  • All applications can be sent by email or standard mail
  • Any applications missing the deadline (must be postmarked by deadline date) will not be considered
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Over budget applications will not be considered unless additional funding is stated and verifiable

Recipient Requirements

  • A signed and completed expense sheet with receipts attached (copies acceptable) is due within 6 weeks of the award date
  • Unspent funds must be returned to SMEF via personal check or money order
  • No portion of awarded funds may be deposited in any San Marcos School District account. The only exception to this requirement is for the purchase of classroom media equipment. Purchasing through district accounts in this area are allowable as service and repair contracts in place assurance the equipment will be covered
  • Funds must be used only for items in the original budget proposal.  These are Principal and Trustee approved for each site's unique needs & purpose
Materials will always be considered property of the school site. Relocation of materials to another site may be authorized by the principal only if the program or target population for whom they are intended is also relocated. Materials are never to be considered an instructor's personal property. They are acquired for the benefit of the unique student population where they shall remain and continue to enhance leaning within the San Marcos Unified School District. The site instructors are custodians for the life of the materials granted.


  • Team with a co-instructor whose students would benefit by sharing materials
  • Check to see that you are not duplicating programs at your site
  • Let the committee know if you have additional funds pledged to this project from a departmental budget or another charitable organization. Likewise indicate if a partial funding of your request is acceptable
  • Keep your responses clear and relevant to your school site and student group.  If you believe the committee may need more background information direct them to a website where it may be obtained
  • Make your own copy of application, responses and budget estimate for future reference 
  • Do not attach any materials you expect to have returned.  Do not attach catalogs pages


Purpose:  The Grant Program is designed to encourage creative and innovative approaches to instruction and to assist and enrich the learning experience of students within the district. Our purpose is to seek the greatest benefit for students

Eligibility:  All certified teachers and library media techs from each site are eligible

Award Funds: The budget for enrichment awards and the number of awards will vary from year to year.  Please note that this year's grant awards are $500 for individual applicants and $1000 for team (2 or more)

Selection criteria:
  • Applications will be rated on the following 5 points
  • Greatest Benefit To Students
  • Innovative and Educational Nature
  • Curriculum Enhancement – Not normally funded by the district
  • Direct Student Involvement- greatest number of students benefiting
  • Reasonable Budget 
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